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As a little Colombian girl from Des Moines, Iowa, Rocio spent summers in Bogota, Colombia visiting her grandparents. Rocio's Grandpa Jose had impeccable taste and style. He made it look effortless in cashmere v-neck sweaters, custom dress shirts and shined shoes. His closet was colorful. It had drawers that would pull out and showcase pocket squares and ties. He taught, Lucia, Rocio's  mom , to never leave home without looking and feeling your best. 


Back in Iowa, Sunday morning was similar to a fashion show in Rocio's childhood house, all three of the siblings were getting on their Sunday best. This usually meant a matching color scheme or pattern Rocio's mom had bought. Rocio began studying fashion and design in high school, while majoring in Psychology in college with certificates in fashion design from additional schools.




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At a height of 5’2 Rocio has developed a deep affinity for a good tailor. Her need is slightly different than the seven foot tall clients she works with, but the well-tailored look is the level of excellence she requires for herself as well as for her clients. 

Rocio has styled and designed customized Bespoke wardrobe for key moments in athletes careers. Specifically designing and styling for the NBA Draft, NBA Draft Press day, NFL Draft, NFL Press day, NBA All-stars and countless professional athletes season wardrobe.  Rocio creates each look based on each client’s personality and lifestyle.

She believes clothes and style are an important way you express your individualism to the world. Fashion has always been an outlet for self expression and Rocio encourages clients to magnify their best features and uniqueness through design and styling when working with luciarocio. 

Rocio loves the informal study Neil Patel did on this, watching his revenue increase 40%. Neil Patel put into action this belief, spending $162,000 on clothes increased his revenue by almost $700,0000. Whether we like it or not, people will make decisions about us based on how we look. How you dress communicates what you think about yourself, and what you think about the person you're interacting with. If you take yourself seriously, other people will too.

Let Rocio help you communicate your best features to the world and fun is a guaranteed part of the process. 

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